Greg Jahn Photography

Utah Images - Sculptured Stone

"The Grotto"

"Fighting Entropy"


"Tree, Sand and Cliff"

"Fragile Stone at Red Breaks"

"Sandstone Shape Study - Wind, Water, Sand"

"Storm Light on South Desert"

"Morning Light on Circle Cliffs"

"Peekaboo Canyon"

"Carved Stone in Peekaboo Canyon"

"Morning Light in Sand Canyon"

"Sunrise Color on Slickrock"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #1"

"Looking Downstream"

"Wave Spirit in Neon"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #2"

"Lone Tree in Sandstone"

"Zebra Canyon"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #3"

"Sunlight at Noon"

"Nature's Stripes"

"Sandstone and Sky"

"Sandstone Spire"

"Slickrock Stripes"

"Sunset over Spencer Flat"

"Fisher Towers Sunset"

"The Doll House"

"Full Moon over Water Canyon"

"Morning Light at Red Breaks"

"Sunrise at Mysterious Red Breaks Stone"

"Red Breaks Sunrise"

"Chimney Canyon Pattern"

"Sandstone Stripes"

"Stone on Fire"

"Looking up Long Canyon"

"Sandstone Canyon"

"Round Stone"

"Stone and Water"

"Arches Sunrise"

"First Light from the San Rafael"

"Happy Canyon #9"

"Happy Canyon #2"

"Sculptured Stone of Happy Canyon"

"Happy Canyon #3"

"Utah Badlands"

"Sand Stream"

"Precarious Stones"

"Sculptured Stone of the San Rafael"

"Gravel Canyon Study #1"

"Waves of Sandstone"

"Fog, Ice, Rock and Stick"

"Fall Color of Hidden Canyon"

"Reflected Light on Sandstone"

"Stone Shapes"

"Sentient Sandstone"

"Shapes and Colors"

"Teepee Rocks of Kodachrome"

"Wahweap Hoodoos at Night"

"Sunrise at Wahweap Hoodoos"

"Morning Light on Wahweap Hoodoos"

"Lone Tree in Zion"

"Stone Texture of Sand Canyon"

"Standing Rocks and Waterfall"

"Devil's Garden"

"Stone Texture in Peekaboo Canyon"

"Llewellyn Canyon"

"Little Bridges"

"Hidden Canyon Arch"

"Stone with Personality"

"Little Death Hollow"

"Stone of Little Death Hollow"

"Morning Light on Escalante Slickrock"

"Rock and Grass"

"Chocolate Drops"

"Sandstone Study and Vista"

"Looking Upstream"