Greg Jahn Photography

About The Artist

Greg Jahn in Utah

Ever since I was young, being out in nature has been an important part of my life. At the age of 18 I got my first 35mm camera, and ever since then I have been hooked on the adventure of photographing nature. By 2001 I was in a position to take the big leap and pursue nature photography full time. I wanted to find my own personal limits, to take my passion and talents as far as I could go. I have been very pleased with the results, and sincerely hope my body of work enlightens and inspires you.

The majority of my work is derived from medium format professional film, which I scan into a digital image. With the current digital technologies, I have wonderful control of the quality of the final print. All prints meet gallery standards, and I do all the work myself. I guarantee that every customer will get my full and undivided attention.

Artist's Statement

Interpreting the natural landscape as an art form begins with the process of developing a relationship with nature on a deep personal level. I have dedicated my life to the growth of this relationship, and through my personal style of creation of the photographic print it is my intent to describe this experience. Through my works I intend to nurture an awareness that nature is part of us, not outside of us.

Personal History

I grew up in Idaho, and for the past 26 years I have lived up a peaceful forested valley in the mountains north of Boise, Idaho. My first backpack trip was at the age of 10, and when I was 15 my parents were gracious enough to let me take my first solo backpack trip when I hiked from Redfish Lake across the entire length of the Sawtooths to the small town of Atlanta. Soon I was able to pursue my interests in technical mountaineering, telemark skiing in the back country, and the past few years I have been enjoying the quite adventurous pasttime of technical canyoneering, rappelling and swimming remote narrow slot canyons in the slickrock country of the Colorado Plateau.

I took my first trip outside the country in 1991, participating in an eye-opening adventure to provide material and moral support to the people of El Salvador during their last year of civil war. This inspired a passion to work with the international human rights community, and for most of the 90's I volunteered coordinating statewide efforts for Amnesty International. In 1993, I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer for the Tibetan Government in Exile in Dharamsala, India, where I helped them implement their first successful internet connection. This greatly reduced their communications costs with their offices around the world. In keeping with my passion for untouched nature, I have also volunteered with local grass roots environmental organizations.

I have a bachelors degree in mathematics, and for many years I worked as a computer systems and networking specialist for numerous government agencies and the private sector. Since 2001, I have worked full time as a photographer of the natural landscape.

Greg at Work and Play

Greg Jahn rappeling in Neon Canyon Greg Jahn in Neon Canyon

The rap into Golden Cathedral, and enjoying the Reflections of Neon Canyon
October 2007 - photos by Mark Pynn

Greg Jahn and his camera

At work with "Emmy Lou", my camera

Greg Jahn with camera and tripod Greg Jahn in Spooky Gulch

At work on the Escalante, and carrying gear up Spooky Gulch
May 2006 - photos by Berne Jackson

Greg Jahn hiking out of Fish Canyon, Utah A tired Greg Jahn sitting on his lawn chair

Carrying heavy pack and photography gear out of Fish Canyon, Cedar Mesa, and resting tired legs back at the truck after 3 straight weeks of hiking.
Spring 2010 - photos by Berne Jackson