Greg Jahn Photography

Idaho Images - Miscellaneous

"Old Red Truck"

"Desert Spirit"

"Water Spirit"


"Shattered Ice"

"Shattered Ice Study"

"Fine Detail of Desert Pine"

"Forest Returning"

"Pahsimeroi Clouds"

"Being Forest"

"Sun on Water Dance"

"Moonrise Over Last Light"

"Sunset on Thompson Peak"

"Lakewood Sunrise"

"Desert Canyon Waters"

"Stars over Thompson Peak"

"Sawtooth Lake Reflection"

"Daggett Creek Ice Study #3"

"Water and Sky"

"Mountain Road in Fall Aspen"

"Waterfall on Small Mountain Stream"

"Full Moon and Jupiter over Owyhee Desert"


"Water and Wood"

"Moonlight Reflections"

"Lupine Study in Rain"

"Winter Moonscape"

"Full Moon over Wildhorse Canyon"

"Mountain Lake Driftwood"

"High Desert Double Rainbow"

"Previously Occupied"

"Owyhee Cabin"

"Fall Colors of North Fork"

"Water Flowing Over Life"

"The Colors of Fall on Idaho Stream"

"Adelmann Mine"

"Full Moon Path over Mountains"

"Sunset Light on September Forest"

"Falling Waters"

"Grass Dance"

"Lost River Wood"

"Forest Reflections"

"Field of Daisies"

"Summer Storm Over Sawtooths"

"Southern Idaho Horizon"

"Sun and Ridgelines"

"Old Tree of Lava Flow"

"Spring Colors of Lava Flow"