Greg Jahn Photography

All Idaho Images

"Basin and Range"

"Sawtooth Mountain Sunrise"

"Summer Morning High Lake"

"Sunset Light Study"

"High Mountain Waterfall"

"Springtime in Stanley Basin"

"First Light on Redfish Lake"

"Fall Colors Above Fishhook Creek"

"Trees and Sage"

"Desert Stream in Fall"

"Fall Afternoon on Mary's Creek"

"Desert Canyon Color"

"Fall Colors"

"Reflections on Fall"

"Fall in High Desert"

"River Canyon in Fall"

"Sunset on Thompson Peak"

"Sun and Snow"


"Sawtooths and Basin"

"Forest and Root in Green Study"

"Early Spring"

"River Granite Study"

"Last Light on Marshall Peak"

"Springtime in Mid-Summer"

"Elephant's Perch and Mt. Heyburn"

"Sunrise from Shangri-La"

"Elephant's Perch"

"Last Light on Stanley Basin"

"High Valley Above Goat Lake"

"Early Light on Goat Lake"

"Lakewood Sunrise"

"Mountain Lake Driftwood"

"Fall Colors and Stream"

"Mountain Meadow Grass in Fall"

"Fall Reflections on More's Creek"

"Fall Colors on Grime's Creek"

"First Snow on Fishhook Creek"

"Red Rainbow Sunset"

"Winter Moonscape"

"Glacier Lilly"

"Owyhee River Canyon"

"Last Light on Owyhee Canyonlands"

"Moonrise Over Owyhee Canyonlands"

"Moon Setting at Sunrise"

"Basin Flowers"

"Sawtooth Lake Early Summer"

"Lupine Study in Rain"

"Spring Flowers in the Rain"

"Sunrise Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"Nature's Sunset Symphony"

"Red Rain Horizon"

"Summer Storm over Mount Borah"

"Twin Lake Reflections"

"Sunset on Twin Lakes"

"Mountain Lake Sunrise"

"Twin Lakes from Snowyside Mountain"

"Sunset Above Twin Lakes"

"Summer Storm over Alice Lake"

"Sunset Stormlight on Sage"

"Sky Complexity"

"Desert Alpine"

"Sunset from Pilot's Peak"

"Moonrise Over Last Light"

"Sunrise over the Sawtooth Range"

"Big Boulder Lake Waterfall"

"Idaho Aspen Grove"

"Fall Creek Waterfall"

"Morning Frost on Wildhorse Creek"

"Owyhee Lupines in the Rain"

"Wind and Rain Lupine Study"

"Idaho Lupine Study"

"Waterfall and Fog"

"Desert Rocks in the Mist"

"Idaho Petroglyphs"

"High Desert Double Rainbow"

"Summer Solstice Rainbow"

"First Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"First Light on Lost River Range"

"Sage Relief"

"South Fork Salmon River"

"Sawtooth Mountain Meadow"

"Morning Reflections"

"Sawtooth Ridgelines"

"Idaho Horizons"

"White Rock Over Stanley Basin"

"Early Evening View from Sawtooths"

"Sawtooth Summits"

"Sunset on Marshall Peak"

"Sunrise Over High Lake"

"Sun on Water Dance"

"Owyhee Fall"

"Owyhee Cabin"

"Owyhee Sunset"

"Previously Occupied"

"Fall Colors of North Fork"

"Water Flowing Over Life"

"The Colors of Fall on Idaho Stream"

"Life over Stream in Fall"

"Sunset on Wildhorse Canyon"

"First Light on New Beaver Pond"

"Copper Basin Fall Color"

"Old Growth Aspen Grove"

"October Moonlight over Copper Basin"

"Sunrise over Copper Basin #1"

"Sunrise over Copper Basin #2"

"Being Forest"

"Powder Snow at Pilot's Peak"

"More's Creek in Winter #1"

"More's Creek in Winter #2"

"Snow Over Stream"

"Spring in Winter"

"Winter View from Sunset Peak"

"Snow Over Winter Spring"

"Winter Sun Over Sawtooth Forest"

"Redfish Creek in Winter"

"Last Light on Winter Forest"

"Early Spring Owyhee Desert"

"Grass Dance"

"Early Spring on Mary's Creek"

"Sky Dance Over Land"

"Owyhee Sunrise"

"Sunrise Over Bruneau Desert"

"Sunlight on Bruneau Canyon"

"Bruneau Canyon in Early Spring"

"Owyhee Desert Rainbow"

"After the Rain Above Bruneau Canyon"

"Looking Down - Bruneau River"

"Owyhee Desert Canyon"

"Owyhee Grassland Under Blue Dome"

"New Moon Sunset"

"Summer on Marsh Creek"

"Marsh Creek Flowers"

"Falling Waters"

"Thompson Peak Emerging"

"Shooting Stars in High Meadow"

"Pahsimeroi Clouds"

"Moonlight over Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Last Light on East Fork Pahsimeroi"

"Last Light on Talus Slope"

"Late Summer High Meadow"

"Pahsimeroi Tree at Sunrise"

"Sunset Light on September Forest"

"Copper Basin Aspens #1"

"Copper Basin Aspens #2"

"Copper Basin Aspens #3"

"Copper Basin Aspens #4"

"Alpenglow on Sawtooth Lake"

"Early Dawn on Sawtooth Lake"

"Sawtooth Lake Reflection"

"Fall Colors over Stone and Stream"

"Bend in the Stream"

"Afternoon Light on Mores Creek"

"Early Evening Light on Mores Creek"

"Fall Reflections with Mountain Stream"

"Fall Waters"

"Mountain Stream in Fall Season"

"Sunlight Reflections on Mores Creek"

"Sun Reflections on Water"

"Forest Returning"


"Mountain River in Late Fall"

"Dry Winter Tree"

"Daggett Creek Ice Study #1"

"Daggett Creek Ice Study #2"

"Daggett Creek Ice Study #3"

"Last Light on Glacier Lilly"

"Larkspur Flower"

"Old Growth Larkspur"

"Idaho Sunflower"

"Idaho Sunflower Study"

"Springtime in Desert Canyon"

"Little City of Rocks Canyon"

"Stone Life with Camas"

"Stone and Sky"

"Life Cycle of Bitterroot Flower"

"Full Moon at Sunset on Owyhee Desert"

"Earling Evening Idaho Desert"

"First Light on Owyhee Desert"

"Owyhee Tree Sunrise"

"Owyhee Bitterroot"


"Owyhee Desert Lupines"

"Desert Lupines Sunset"

"Full Moon and Jupiter over Owyhee Desert"

"Owyhee Desert Wild Iris"

"Owyhee Desert Meadow"

"Forest View"

"Idaho Forest in Early Summer"

"Paintbrush on Mountain Ridge"

"Paintbrush Sunset"

"Water and Wood"

"Waterfall on Small Mountain Stream"

"Early Morning View from Thompson Peak"

"Salmon River Entering Idaho Mountains"

"Summit View of High Mountain Lake"

"Summer View from Mount Cramer"

"Cramer Lakes and Sawtooth Mountains"

"Forest and Cloud"

"Clouds Rising"

"Iron Creek in Fall Season"

"September Fog"

"September Morning on Stanley Lake"

"First Snow on Stanley Lake"

"Changing Seasons of Sawtooth Mountains"

"Mountain Aspens"

"Early Dawn Light on Stanley Lake"

"Stanley Lake Reflections"

"Intimation of Forest"

"Morning Fog over Lake and Forest"

"High Desert Ice"

"Shattered Ice"

"Shattered Ice Study"

"Winter Evening on Mores Creek"

"Winter Stream"

"Deep Snow over Stream Study #1"

"Deep Snow over Stream Study #2"

"Snow Sentinel"

"Last Light on Winter Peaks"

"Last Light on Sunset Peak"

"Winter Sunset on Sawtooth Mountains"

"Winter Moon"

"Winter Sunset"

"Snow and Shadow"

"Last Light on Snow Tracks"

"Tree Shadow and Snow"

"Last Light on Late Winter Snow"

"Born Lake and Reflections"

"Sunset on Born Lake"


"First Sunlight on Bruneau Canyon"

"Owyhee Desert Sunrise"

"Cloud Study #1"

"Cloud Study #2"

"Cloud Study #3"

"Cloud Study #4"

"Cloud Study #5"

"Field of Lupine Flowers"

"Sunset Sky over Hill"

"Sunset Sky over Desert Stream"

"Owyhee Country in Spring"

"Wind and Willow"

"Old Wood"

"High Desert Aspen in Early Spring Storm"

"River Bend in Owyhee Desert"

"Owyhee Desert Canyon"

"Sun Flowers in the Rain"

"Sun Flowers on Hillside"

"Spring Flowers and Shadow"

"Foothills in Spring"

"Idaho Sun Flowers"

"Yellow Spring Flowers"

"Alpine Paintbrush"

"Last Light on Pilot's Peak"

"Last Light on Idaho Mountains"

"Pilot's Peak Sunrise #1"

"Pilot's Peak Sunrise #2"

"Pilot's Peak Sunrise #3"

"Pilot's Peak Sunrise #4"

"Sunrays and Tree"


"Waterfall under Mount Heyburn"

"A Peaceful Place in High Country"

"Sunrise over Bench Lakes"

"Mount Heyburn Sunrise"

"Life Cycle of Columbine"

"Bench lake"

"Warbonnet Peak over Feather Lakes"

"Warbonnet Lake Sunrise"

"Warbonnet Sunrise Reflection"

"Sunset on Lost River Valley"

"Fall Sunset on Mount Borah"

"Fine Detail of Desert Pine"

"Spirit of Pine Forest"

"Full Moon Path over Mountains"

"Moonlight and Stars"

"Fall View from Jackson Peak"

"Long View of Sawtooth Range"

"Fall View of Sawtooth Mountains"

"Water Spirit"

"Fall Color of Idaho Stream"

"Desert Canyon Waters"

"Desert Spirit"


"Winter Waters"

"Winter Sunset"

"Owyhee Canyon Sunrise"

"Morning Light on Battle Creek Canyon"

"Stone and Camas Flower"

"High Desert Grass"

"First Light on Idaho Petroglyphs"

"Spring Sunrise over Petroglyphs"

"Land and Sky in High Desert"

"Springtime in Idaho"

"Water and Sky"

"Sunrise and High Desert Grass"

"Summers Stream"

"Afternoon Sun on Shangri-La"

"Reflections and Grass"

"Mountain Lake Grass Study"

"Mountain Forest Stream"

"Fishhook Creek Aspen"

"Stanley Lake with New Moon"

"Forest Lake Reflection"

"Reflection of Crescent Moon"

"Mountain Lake Sunrise"

"Stanley Lake Sunrise"

"Fog and Sun and Lake"

"Morning Light on Stanley Lake"

"Owyhee Meadow and Sky"

"High Mountain Lake"

"Sawtooth Peak in Winter"

"High Desert Mountain Meadow"

"Owyhee Flowers and Wind"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"Tree Bones in Lost River"

"Tree Roots of Lost River"

"Summer Light in Wildhorse Canyon"

"Shooting Star"

"Sawtooth Lake Alpenglow"

"Summer Meadow over Sawtooth Lake"

"Sawtooth Summer Sunset"

"First Light over Sawtooth Lake"

"Sunset over Imogene Lake"

"Rain over Mountain Meadow"

"Storm over Imogene Lake"

"Granite Spires of the Sawtooths"

"North Face Warbonnet"

"Moonset over Baron Lake"

"Sawtooth Reflections"

"Frozen Mountain Meadow"

"First Light on Thompson Peak"

"Morning Fog over Stanley Basin"

"Morning Light at High Forest"

"Mountain Pine Study"

"Mountain Meadow Grass"

"Blue Flower"

"Snow Shapes"

"Sheep Creek Canyon"

"Owyhee Canyon Desert"

"Aspen and Flowers"

"Burma Road Sunrise"

"Summer Evening at Mountain Lake"

"Last Light through Lake and Forest"

"Summer Sunset on Boulder Lake"

"Alpine Lake Sunset"

"White Cloud Mountain Waterfall"

"Fireweed in Forest Burn"

"Early Dawn Moon over the Sawtooths"

"Full Moon Setting over Sawtooths"

"Red Sunset Light on Idaho Mountains"

"Idaho Mountain Sunrise"

"Fall Color of Pine Forest"

"Sunlight in Forest Burn"

"Sunset in Forest Burn"

"Salmon River Ridgelines"

"Sunrise over Loon Creek"

"Old Red Truck"

"Sunrise on Finger of Fate"

"Morning on Mountain Lake"

"Crescent Moon Dawn"

"Pass Lake Flowers and Meadow"

"Summer Morning at Pass Lake"

"West Fork Pahsimeroi"

"Mountain Stream Spirit"

"Mountain Road in Fall Aspen"

"White Clouds Aspen in Autumn"

"Fall Colors of White Clouds Aspen"

"Fall Aspens and Mountain Shadow"

"Autumn at Alice Lake"

"Fall Colors of Alice Lake"

"Sunlight Patterns on Alice Lake"

"Aspen Grove of Fishhook Creek"

"Fall Aspens and Mount Heyburn"

"Old Tree of Lava Flow"

"Spring Colors of Lava Flow"

"Early Morning at Chamberlain Lakes"

"First Light at Chamberlain Lakes"

"Moonlight over Mountain Lake"

"Moonlight Reflections"

"Surprise Valley in Fall"

"Early Spring in Central Idaho"

"Allison Creek"

"Tree and Edna Lake"

"Edna Lake Reflections"

"Edna Lake Sunset"

"High Mountain Lake Panorama"

"Cramer Lake Panorama"

"Cramer Lake Sunset"

"Mid-Summer Mountain Lake"

"Bear Grass Flower Study"

"Bear Grass Flowers at Hard Butte Lake"

"Bear Grass Flowers at Hard Butte Mountain"

"Idaho Bear Grass Flowers"

"Panorama View from Hard Butte Mountain"

"Bear Grass Flowers at Mountain Lake"

"Mid-Summer Mountain Meadow"

"Upper Hazard Lake"

"Mores Creek Waters"

"Bruneau Canyon"

"Southern Idaho Spring"

"Flowering Bitterbrush"

"Camel Falls"

"Camel Falls Sunrise"

"Camel Creek"

"Sunset Below McGown Lake"

"McGown Lake"

"Meadow Below McGown Lake"

"McGown Lake Reflections"

"Sawtooth Lake"

"Evening Below Sawtooth Lake"

"Shooting Stars of Sawtooth Lake"

"Baptie Lake"

"Goat Lake Sunrise"

"Goat Lake"

"Standhope Peak"

"Iron Creek"

"Sunset Color on Iron Creek"

"Grass and Stone"

"Lakeside View of Elephants Perch"

"Elephants Perch Sunset"

"Shangri-La Reflections"

"Forest and Meadow"

"Stream and Moss"

"Summer Storm at Shangri-La"

"Iron Creek Meadow"

"Sunset on Upper Pahsimeroi Lake"

"Moonlight over Arrowhead Lake"

"Waterfall in Stasis"

"Galena Summit Aspens"


"Solitary Aspen"

"Lupine Sunrise"

"Lupines of Morning"

"Lane Creek"

"Lupines of the Upper Little Wood"

"Early Morning Lupines"

"Hobo Grove Cedar Tree"

"Cedar Grove"

"Forest of Cedar Grove"

"Cedar Grove Trail"

"Mountain Meadow at Lolo Pass"

"Last Light at Mountain Meadow"

"Morning Frost of Mountain Meadow"

"Ants Basin"

"Born Lake Sunset"

"Morning at Born Lake"

"Afternoon on South Fork Salmon"

"Sunset on Still Waters"

"Flowers Below Thompson Peak"

"High Mountain Moss"

"Fall Season in White Clouds"

"Pettit Lake Creek"

"Alice Lake Outlet"

"Alice Lake in Late September"

"Water Abstract"

"Heyburn Reflections"

"Monkey Flowers"

"Stream Below Goat Lake"

"Peaceful Mountain Stream"

"Goat Lake Reflections"

"Afternoon Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Sunrise"

"Morning Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Bellas Creek"

"Copper Basin Meadow"

"Copper Basin Lupines"

"Shooting Stars in Stanley Basin"

"Marsh Creek"

"Afternoon Light on Marsh Creek"

"Stanley Basin Flowers"

"Yellow Paintbrush in Stanley Basin"

"Marsh Creek and the Sawtooths"

"Marsh Creek Flowers"

"Late Afternoon in Stanley Basin"

"Peaks and Sky over Twin Lakes"

"Early Summer at Twin Lakes"

"Twin Lakes"

"Reflection on Twin Lakes"

"El Capitan"

"Alice Lake Sunset"

"Full Moon over Alice Lake"

"Wildhorse Canyon"

"Full Moon over Wildhorse Canyon"

"Adelmann Mine"

"Sun Streams over Distant Mountains"

"Alpine Lake in Fall Storm"

"Alpine Lake Panorama"

"Fall Color of Alpine Meadow"

"Alpine Meadow in Fall Color"

"Fall in Stanley Basin"

"Early Dawn at Redfish Lake"

"Redfish Lake Sunrise"

"Fishhook Creek Fall Colors"

"Fishhook Creek Meadow"

"Yellow Glacier Lily"

"Little City Reflections"

"Sunset at Little City"

"Last Light on Owyhee Desert"

"Shoofly Creek"

"Desert Wood"

"Sunset Peak Paintbrush"


"Sunset over Stanley Basin"

"Stanley Basin Sunset"

"Stanley Basin Sunrise"

"Sawtooth White Bark Pine"

"Last Light from Thompson Peak"

"High Lake at Thompson Peak"

"Dusk at Thompson Peak"

"White Clouds Sunset from Thompson Peak"

"Stars over Thompson Peak"

"Wildhorse Canyon Meadow"

"High Meadow at Wildhorse Canyon"

"Wildhorse Canyon Flowers"

"Thompson Flowers"

"Mountain Meadow Flowers"

"Yellow Bell Flowers"

"Spring Growth"

"Bluebell Flowers"

"Bitterroot Flower"

"Cushion Desert Buckwheat"

"Milky Way at Preacher Canyon"

"Sunset at Bruneau Dunes"

"Sunrise over Cone Peak"

"Sunrise on Sagebrush Frost"

"Southern Idaho Bitterroot"

"Desert Bitterroot Collection"

"Owyhee Purple Vetch"

"Sunlight Through Mountain Mahogany"

"Bitterroot Assortment"

"Carpet of Bitterroot"

"Glowing Lupine"

"Desert Lupine Sunrise"

"Mountain Heather"

"Mountain Lake Sublime"

"Last Light Behind Mountain Lake"

"Upper Redfish Lake"

"Kathryn Lake Horizon"

"Wildhorse Creek"

"Clouds over Wildhorse Creek"

"Sawtooth Lake Morning"

"Morning Fog on Bench Lake"

"Idaho Fall Aspens"

"Winter Meadow"

"Lost River Wood"

"Powder and Sun"

"Desert Bitterroot"

"High Desert Paintbrush"

"Mountain Cave by Candlelight"

"Before the Storm"

"Mountain Columbine"

"Bitterroot Study"

"Bachelor Button"

"Stick in Snow"

"Tree Study"

"Peeking Flowers"

"Tulip Expression"

"Morning Mountain Lake"

"Sawtooths and Meadow"

"Southern Idaho Horizon"

"Forest Reflections"

"Balancing Act"

"Winter Backcountry"

"Windblown Snow"

"Shangri-La Full Moon"

"Field of Daisies"

"Sawtooth Horizon Study"

"Last Light on Sawtooths"

"A Flower's Last Season"

"Mountain Lake Fungus Study"

"Summer Sunset on High Lake"

"Expression Study"

"Summer Afternoon Mountain Lake"

"Summer Storm Over Sawtooths"

"Leatherman Peak and Pass Lake"

"Sun and Ridgelines"

"Rainbow Over Stanley Basin"