Greg Jahn Photography

Idaho Images - Fall

"First Light on Redfish Lake"

"Fall Colors Above Fishhook Creek"

"Trees and Sage"

"Desert Stream in Fall"

"Fall Afternoon on Mary's Creek"

"Desert Canyon Color"

"Fall Colors"

"Reflections on Fall"

"Fall in High Desert"

"River Canyon in Fall"

"High Valley Above Goat Lake"

"Early Light on Goat Lake"

"Lakewood Sunrise"

"Mountain Lake Driftwood"

"Fall Colors and Stream"

"Mountain Meadow Grass in Fall"

"Fall Reflections on More's Creek"

"Fall Colors on Grime's Creek"

"First Snow on Fishhook Creek"

"Sunset from Pilot's Peak"

"Moonrise Over Last Light"

"Sunrise over the Sawtooth Range"

"Idaho Aspen Grove"

"Fall Creek Waterfall"

"Morning Frost on Wildhorse Creek"

"Sun on Water Dance"

"Owyhee Fall"

"Owyhee Cabin"

"Owyhee Sunset"

"Previously Occupied"

"Fall Colors of North Fork"

"Water Flowing Over Life"

"The Colors of Fall on Idaho Stream"

"Life over Stream in Fall"

"Sunset on Wildhorse Canyon"

"First Light on New Beaver Pond"

"Copper Basin Fall Color"

"Old Growth Aspen Grove"

"October Moonlight over Copper Basin"

"Sunrise over Copper Basin #1"

"Sunrise over Copper Basin #2"

"Copper Basin Aspens #1"

"Copper Basin Aspens #2"

"Copper Basin Aspens #3"

"Copper Basin Aspens #4"

"Alpenglow on Sawtooth Lake"

"Early Dawn on Sawtooth Lake"

"Sawtooth Lake Reflection"

"Fall Colors over Stone and Stream"

"Bend in the Stream"

"Afternoon Light on Mores Creek"

"Early Evening Light on Mores Creek"

"Fall Reflections with Mountain Stream"

"Fall Waters"

"Mountain Stream in Fall Season"

"Sunlight Reflections on Mores Creek"

"Sun Reflections on Water"

"Forest Returning"


"Mountain River in Late Fall"

"Iron Creek in Fall Season"

"September Fog"

"September Morning on Stanley Lake"

"First Snow on Stanley Lake"

"Changing Seasons of Sawtooth Mountains"

"Mountain Aspens"

"Early Dawn Light on Stanley Lake"

"Stanley Lake Reflections"

"Intimation of Forest"

"Morning Fog over Lake and Forest"

"Full Moon Path over Mountains"

"Moonlight and Stars"

"Fall View from Jackson Peak"

"Long View of Sawtooth Range"

"Fall View of Sawtooth Mountains"

"Water Spirit"

"Fall Color of Idaho Stream"

"Afternoon Sun on Shangri-La"

"Reflections and Grass"

"Mountain Lake Grass Study"

"Mountain Forest Stream"

"Fishhook Creek Aspen"

"Stanley Lake with New Moon"

"Forest Lake Reflection"

"Reflection of Crescent Moon"

"Mountain Lake Sunrise"

"Stanley Lake Sunrise"

"Fog and Sun and Lake"

"Morning Light on Stanley Lake"

"Frozen Mountain Meadow"

"First Light on Thompson Peak"

"Morning Fog over Stanley Basin"

"Morning Light at High Forest"

"Mountain Pine Study"

"Mountain Meadow Grass"

"Blue Flower"

"Fall Color of Pine Forest"

"Mountain Road in Fall Aspen"

"White Clouds Aspen in Autumn"

"Fall Colors of White Clouds Aspen"

"Fall Aspens and Mountain Shadow"

"Autumn at Alice Lake"

"Fall Colors of Alice Lake"

"Sunlight Patterns on Alice Lake"

"Aspen Grove of Fishhook Creek"

"Fall Aspens and Mount Heyburn"

"Surprise Valley in Fall"

"Moonlight over Arrowhead Lake"

"Waterfall in Stasis"

"Galena Summit Aspens"


"Solitary Aspen"

"Fall Season in White Clouds"

"Pettit Lake Creek"

"Alice Lake Outlet"

"Alice Lake in Late September"

"Water Abstract"

"Alpine Lake in Fall Storm"

"Alpine Lake Panorama"

"Fall Color of Alpine Meadow"

"Alpine Meadow in Fall Color"

"Fall in Stanley Basin"

"Early Dawn at Redfish Lake"

"Redfish Lake Sunrise"

"Fishhook Creek Fall Colors"

"Fishhook Creek Meadow"

"Sawtooth Lake Morning"

"Idaho Fall Aspens"

"Lost River Wood"

"Southern Idaho Horizon"

"Mountain Lake Fungus Study"