Greg Jahn Photography

Idaho Images - High Desert

"Summer Solstice Rainbow"

"Last Light on Owyhee Canyonlands"

"Moon Setting at Sunrise"

"Last Light on East Fork Pahsimeroi"

"Owyhee Desert Canyon"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Valley"

"Tree Bones in Lost River"

"Owyhee Desert Canyon"

"Owyhee Canyon Desert"

"After the Rain Above Bruneau Canyon"

"Desert Rocks in the Mist"

"Waterfall and Fog"

"Sunset Light Study"

"First Light on Idaho Petroglyphs"


"Idaho Petroglyphs"

"Stone and Sky"

"Fall Afternoon on Mary's Creek"

"Owyhee River Canyon"

"High Desert Aspen in Early Spring Storm"

"Owyhee Tree Sunrise"

"Sheep Creek Canyon"

"Sunrise over Copper Basin #1"

"Sunset Stormlight on Sage"

"Sunset on Upper Pahsimeroi Lake"

"Camel Falls"

"Camel Falls Sunrise"

"Camel Creek"

"Copper Basin Lupines"

"Afternoon Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Upper Pahsimeroi Sunrise"

"Morning Light on the Upper Pahsimeroi"

"Pahsimeroi Clouds"

"Sunrise Over Bruneau Desert"

"Owyhee Desert Rainbow"

"Springtime in Desert Canyon"

"Owyhee Meadow and Sky"

"Owyhee Sunset"


"Owyhee Desert Sunrise"