Greg Jahn Photography

Idaho Images - Sawtooth Mountains

"Morning on Mountain Lake"

"Waterfall under Mount Heyburn"

"Summer Storm at Shangri-La"

"Sunrise from Shangri-La"

"Summer Storm over Alice Lake"

"Early Morning View from Thompson Peak"

"Sawtooth Mountain Sunrise"

"Bench lake"

"Peaceful Mountain Stream"

"Early Dawn Moon over the Sawtooths"

"North Face Warbonnet"

"Changing Seasons of Sawtooth Mountains"

"Morning Fog over Stanley Basin"

"Mount Heyburn Sunrise"

"Fall Colors Above Fishhook Creek"

"Winter Sun Over Sawtooth Forest"

"Summer on Marsh Creek"

"Stanley Lake Sunrise"

"September Morning on Stanley Lake"

"Mountain Lake Sunrise"

"Early Evening View from Sawtooths"

"First Light on Redfish Lake"

"High Valley Above Goat Lake"

"Early Light on Goat Lake"

"Elephants Perch Sunset"

"Elephant's Perch"

"Afternoon Sun on Shangri-La"

"Elephant's Perch and Mt. Heyburn"

"First Light over Sawtooth Lake"

"Alpenglow on Sawtooth Lake"

"Fall Colors of Alice Lake"

"Sunset on Thompson Peak"

"McGown Lake"

"Cramer Lake Panorama"

"High Mountain Lake Panorama"

"Mid-Summer Mountain Lake"

"Sunset on Marshall Peak"

"Basin and Range"

"Summer Morning High Lake"

"Sunset Below McGown Lake"

"Twin Lakes from Snowyside Mountain"

"Sawtooth Summits"

"Early Dawn on Sawtooth Lake"

"Sunset Above Twin Lakes"

"Fall Aspens and Mount Heyburn"

"A Peaceful Place in High Country"

"Cramer Lakes and Sawtooth Mountains"

"Summer View from Mount Cramer"

"Lakewood Sunrise"

"Sawtooth Lake"

"High Mountain Lake"

"Iron Creek Meadow"

"Sunrise over Bench Lakes"

"Warbonnet Sunrise Reflection"

"Warbonnet Peak over Feather Lakes"

"Moonset over Baron Lake"

"Sawtooth Reflections"

"Tree and Edna Lake"

"Sawtooth Summer Sunset"

"Storm over Imogene Lake"

"Flowers Below Thompson Peak"

"Pettit Lake Creek"

"Alice Lake Outlet"

"Alice Lake in Late September"

"Sunset over Imogene Lake"

"Autumn at Alice Lake"

"Full Moon Setting over Sawtooths"

"Sawtooth Peak in Winter"

"Sunrise on Finger of Fate"

"Sunrise Over High Lake"

"Sawtooth Lake Early Summer"

"Edna Lake Reflections"

"Edna Lake Sunset"

"Last Light on Sawtooths"

"Summer Afternoon Mountain Lake"

"Morning Fog on Bench Lake"

"Mountain Cave by Candlelight"

"Sawtooth Horizon Study"

"Morning Mountain Lake"

"Shangri-La Full Moon"