Greg Jahn Photography

Utah Images - Spring

"Sandstone Shape Study - Wind, Water, Sand"

"Sunset on the San Rafael"


"Storm and Last Light"

"Patterns of First Light"

"Stone Reflections"

"Looking Down on Solitude"

"Tree, Sand and Cliff"

"Rincon and Sky"

"Cliff Growth"

"Round Stone"

"The Grotto"

"Colors in Shade"

"Stone Looking Down Canyon"

"Last Light Burning Bush"

"Sandstone Study and Vista"

"Storm on the Henry's Mountains"

"Sunlight at Noon"

"Desert Flowers and Critter Tracks"

"Trees and Cliff"

"Cloud on Navajo Mountain"

"Flowers and Sand"

"Kaiparowits Vista"

"Still Water in Desert"

"First Rays Over Distant Peaks"

"First Light from the San Rafael"

"Indigenous Ceiling Art"

"Early Spring Waterfall"

"A Wet Spring in Zion"

"Reflection and Passage in Spring"

"Glowing Greens and Stone"

"Light After Early Spring Hailstorm"

"Standing Rocks and Waterfall"

"Sunset Clouds Over Henry's Mountains"

"Escalante Tree"

"First Light on Tracks on Sand"

"Uncertain Passage"

"Early Spring in Fifty Mile Canyon"

"Petroglyphs of Fifty Mile Canyon"

"Rock and Grass"

"Kaiparowits Sunrise"

"Fighting Entropy"

"Thin Ice and Plateau"

"The Narrows of Spooky Gulch"

"Looking Up in Spooky Gulch"

"Spooky Gulch Shapes and Colors"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #1"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #2"

"Morning Light in Neon Canyon #3"

"Wall Spirits in Neon"

"Sun Dance in Neon"

"Wave Spirit in Neon"

"Sunset on the Escalante River"

"Choprock Canyon"

"Sunset over Distant Henry's Mountains"

"Two Rocks"

"Sandstone Waves"

"Food Cache"

"Morning Light on Upper South Desert"

"Temples of the Sun and Moon"

"Cactus Flowers"

"Storm Light on South Desert"

"South Desert"

"First Light on Cathedral Valley"

"Temple of the Sun"

"Glass Mountain and Temples at Sunrise"


"Stone Flow"

"Front Door"

"Moon House"

"Peninsula House"

"Spring Green on Red"

"Sandstone Canyon"

"Looking up Long Canyon"

"Redneck Anasazi Ruin"

"Red Truck"

"Green Truck"


"Sandstone Shadows"

"Slickrock Light"

"Sandstone and Cottonwoods"

"A Desert Sunset"

"Looking Down Sandstone Canyon"

"Zebra Canyon"

"Sandstone Stripes"

"Split Level Ruin"

"Last Light on Fish Canyon"

"Last Light in Desert Canyon"

"Desert Canyon Forest"

"Stone Carvings"

"Stone Erosion"

"Stone Shapes"

"Last Light on Utah Desert"

"Druid Arch"

"Druid Arch in Canyonlands"


"Morning Light at Arches"

"Arches Sunrise"

"Last Light on Arches"

"Goosenecks of the San Juan"

"Slickrock Canyon"

"Waves of Sandstone"

"Fry Canyon Reflections"

"Deep Canyon Passage"

"Stone Flowing Downstream"

"Little Bridges"

"Big Man Panel"

"Big Woman Panel"

"Cottonwood and Sky"

"Aspen Meadow in Early Spring"

"Aspen Meadow Trail"

"Arch Canyon Sunrise"

"Stone on Fire"

"Tower Point Ruin at Sunset"

"Hovenweep Castle at Sunset"

"Llewellyn Canyon"

"Desert Flowers of Llewellyn Canyon"

"Carved Stone and Little Arch"

"Yucca and Cactus Flower"

"Slickrock, Shadows, Sky and Reflection"

"Last Light on Endless Slickrock"

"Peekaboo Canyon"

"Carved Stone in Peekaboo Canyon"

"Stone Texture in Peekaboo Canyon"

"First Light on Escalante Desert"

"Sunrise Color on Slickrock"

"Sunrise over Escalante Desert"

"Sunset and Desert Tree"

"Morning Light in Sand Canyon"

"Plant Life of Death Hollow"

"Stone Texture of Sand Canyon"

"Sand Creek Canyon"

"Teepee Rocks of Kodachrome"

"Truck Wreck of Bull Valley Gorge"

"Slot Canyon Truck Wreck"

"Bull Valley Gorge"

"Stone and Trees of Bull Valley Gorge"

"Morning on Sheep Creek"

"Colors of Upper Pariah"

"Storm over Kodachrome Basin"

"Sunset over Kodachrome Basin"

"Wahweap Hoodoos at Night"

"Sunrise at Wahweap Hoodoos"

"Morning Light on Wahweap Hoodoos"

"Wahweap Hoodoos Panorama"

"Buckskin Gulch"

"Narrows of Buckskin Gulch"

"Sunrise Above Phipps Wash"

"Utah Sunrise with Moon"

"Burr Point Overlook"

"Burr Point Morning"

"Indian Paintbrush"

"Sandstone Shapes"

"Sandstone and Sky"

"Springtime at White Canyon"

"Water Seeps in Short Canyon"

"Short Canyon"

"Sunrise from Spencer Flat"

"Sunrise at Mysterious Red Breaks Stone"

"Nature's Stripes"

"Slickrock Stripes"

"Red Breaks"

"Red Breaks Sunset"

"Morning Light at Red Breaks"

"Red Breaks Sunrise"

"Sandstone Sunrise"

"Sandstone Spire"

"Navajo Mountain"

"Last Light on Purple Sage"

"Storm over Purple Sage"

"Cowboy Graffiti"

"Sky over Red Breaks"

"Red Breaks Reflection"

"Red Breaks Water"

"Red Breaks Stone"

"Stone and Pool at Red Breaks"

"Stone of Long Canyon"

"Sculptured Stone of Long Canyon"

"Desert Columbine"

"Utah Badlands"

"Bentonite Dawn"

"Mars Sunrise"

"Bentonite Sunrise"

"Morning Sand"

"Sand Stream"

"Bentonite Morning"

"Sunset at Temple of the Sun"

"Gravel Canyon Sandstone"

"Paintbrush and Slickrock"

"Slickrock Dawn"

"Owl Canyon Slickrock"

"Arch Canyon Overlook"

"Arch Canyon Petroglyphs"

"Petroglyphs of Arch Canyon"

"View from Muley Point"

"Muley Point Sunset"

"Sunset at Valley of the Gods"

"Early Dawn at Valley of the Gods"

"Last Light at Valley of the Gods"

"Sunset in Gravel Canyon"

"Precarious Stones"

"Escalante Cactus Flowers"

"Escalante Sunset"

"Gravel Canyon"

"Egg Canyon Tree"

"Egg Canyon"

"Circle Cliffs Sunset Panorama"

"Stone of Little Death Hollow"

"Little Death Hollow"

"Stone with Personality"

"Sunrise on Circle Cliffs"

"Morning Land and Sky"

"Sunset Panorama of Escalante Canyons"

"Morning Light on Escalante Slickrock"

"Burr Trail Stone"

"Burr Trail View"

"Long Canyon"

"Reflected Light in Long Canyon"

"Long Canyon Tree"

"Sunrise on Spencer Flat"

"Big View of Navajo Mountain"

"Navajo Mountain"

"Sunset on Small Desert Stream"

"Desert Primrose"

"Oak Canyon Stream"

"Rainbow Bridge"

"Rainbow Bridge and Navajo Mountain"

"Bridge Canyon Relief"

"Surprise Valley"

"Surprise Valley and Navajo Mountain"

"Bald Rock Canyon"

"Storm Clouds over Red Breaks"

"Slickrock and Pool at Red Breaks"

"Clouds over Slickrock at Red Breaks"

"The Infamously Named Cosmic Ashtray"

"Slickrock Island at Red Breaks"

"Stars over Pool at Red Breaks"

"Fragile Stone at Red Breaks"

"Sunrise over Pool at Red Breaks"

"Clouds over Pool at Red Breaks"

"Cassidy Arch"

"Storm over Capitol Reef"

"Badlands Flower Bloom"

"Pink Flowers at White Canyon"

"Sego Lilies at White Canyon"

"White Canyon Flowers"

"The Cheesebox at Sunset"

"Milky Way over Slickrock Potholes"

"Carved Stone in Gravel Canyon"

"Stone Carving in Gravel Canyon"

"Desert Sego Lilies"

"Sego Lily Up Close"

"Sego Lilies at Sunrise"

"Yucca Flowers at White Canyon"

"Sego Lily Study"

"Springtime Desert Scene"

"Yellow Desert Flowers"

"Desert Primrose Bush"

"Sun Over Desert Road"

"Morning Light on Desert Flowers"

"Sculptured Stone of the San Rafael"

"Natural Stone"

"Stone Natural"

"Narrows of Halls Creek"

"Halls Creek Seep"

"Halls Creek"

"Chimney Canyon Grotto"

"Chimney Canyon Pattern"

"Chimney Canyon Cottonwood"

"Chimney Canyon Tree"

"Tree in Chimney Canyon"

"Chute Canyon"

"Gravel Canyon Stone Waves"

"Gravel Canyon Streambed"

"Sunset Over White Canyon"

"Chimney Canyon Sunrise"

"Gravel Canyon Stone"

"Stone of Gravel Canyon"

"View of Gravel Canyon from Found Mesa"

"Sunrise from above Gravel Canyon"

"Sego Lily"

"Long Canyon Wall"

"Long Canyon Slot Canyon"

"Zion Canyon"

"Cedar Breaks Meadow Sunrise"

"Cedar Breaks Meadow"

"Happy Lawn Chairs"

"Inside Peace"

"Grotto Waterfall"

"Fortknocker Food Cache"

"Canyon Invitation"

"Colors of Cheesebox Canyon"

"Rock and Sand"

"Tree Looking Down Canyon"

"Tree and Storm"

"After the Storm"

"Stone Study"

"Sunset Above Fool's Canyon"

"The Bobway"