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Ready to Hang Metal Prints

Purchasing my images as ready to hang metal prints is becoming a more and more popular option. Metal prints are fairly expensive to make, so they will cost more. However, this removes the need to pay the additional expense for conventional framing ... metal prints come with the simple hardware required to hang.

I have made arrangements with a reliable company in Florida called Shiny Prints. There are many options - 5 surface options and 5 mount options, and the cost varies significantly. I recommend the 'White Gloss' surface option, and mounting options are really a matter of personal taste.

Select this off-my-site LINK to review surface options.
Select this off-my-site LINKto review mount options.
Select this off-my-site LINKto review their costing table.

So. It is best if you review metal print surface and mount options, and email me with what you are interested in buying, which image, size and metal print options, and I can let you know what the print will cost. It will likely take a few weeks to get the metal print shipped to you - I will cover the cost of making a small test print if it is an image I do not have a test print of yet, and I will cover the costs of shipping. What I will charge you is the cost of the print size I would charge for a regular paper print plus the cost for Shiny Print to make the metal print. Sorry, I have tried my best to make this process as simple as I could.

Below are two examples of metal prints I already have ready to ship. The first metal print is of the image Reflections on Fall, printed at 16X20 inches, White Gloss surface and Edge Mount at cost $290 + $101 = $391.

Metal Print

Metal Print

The second example is of the image Mountain Stream, Flowers and Sawtooth Lake, at a test print size not shown on my price table for a print, at 8X14 inches, for which I will put print size at $100, White Gloss surface and Box Mount with custom metal print cost of $24.64 for a total cost of $124.64. For non standard size metal prints you will have to contact me so I can calculate cost on Shiny Print's web site.
Metal Print

Metal Print